Saturday, 13 August 2016

Handbag Organization Tips ♥

Handbag Organization Tips ♥

Whether it is for school, or for work or for whatever, if you have a handbag you know the struggles of keeping it organized. We all have the days were we just throw everything in there.
So I will be giving you some tips on how to keep it nice and tidy ♥


1. Make use of the compartments and side pockets.
They're there for a reason! Use them for things like headphones, your phone, chewing gum, and things that might get lost of they're just randomly thrown in your bag.

2. Get a coin purse
A coin purse can be really handy, because your wallet will get filled up with coins really easily, and will then become really bulky. Coins help you out a lot for parking meters, to buy a drink after school, when you only need 5p more!

3. Keep a make-up bag
Keep a make-up bag where you can put in all your essentials, instead of just throwing them in randomly. In your bag its good to keep tissues, wet wipes, lip balm, mascara, powder and concealer, but if i'ts just on the go, don't bother with things like foundation and big bulky eyeshadow pallets, as they can make your bag really heavy.

4. Have a portable charger in there somewhere
A portable charger can actually be a life saver, if you need to ask your parents something, if a friend need to charge their phone, if there is an emergancy. And some iPhones mysteriously run out of batter when it is at 30% when you aren't expecting it, so always keep one of these handy.

5. Have a notebook
This is always good for work, for school, or if just a really crazy idea pops into your head and you need to write it down. Don't forget some stationary!

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