Friday, 12 August 2016

Tips For Doing Your Eyeliner ♥

Tips For Doing Your Eyeliner♥

I decided to make this post because I know that mastering the art of eyeliner is difficult, as it is probably the hardest part of make-up, and eye make-up is in general, really hard.
Most people tend to do winged liner, because it is good for every occasion, and I think it just works for whatever outfit and make-up look you are going for ♥


For Natural Eyeliner♥ Try to use a pencil instead of a liquid eyeliner. It will give it a natural more smudged kind of look, and try to go for brown eyeliner if you want to use it for school.

For Precise Eyeliner♥ Definitely go for liquid or gel eyeliner, it will give you precise lines, and it is the best for starting out and learning. If you want to do winged liner, you can use a spoon, a card or masking tape to get the perfect lines.

Waterline♥ For your waterline, try to use a light coloured eyeliner, such as white or cream, as it will open up your eyes, Silver waterliner with some sparkle in is also really popular, as it is just that little bit more special.


Good brands to try♥ Some really good brands to try include- Eyeko, Urban decay, Stila and Maybelline.


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