Friday, 12 August 2016

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review ♥

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review♥

I am a huge zoella fan, I love her videos and her vlogs, (especially at christmas). As all of you probably already know, she released her new beauty range sweet inspirations a while ago, and I managed to get my hands on some products. I have been using them for a while, so this will be quite a long review ♥
Let's goo ♥

Life is Sweet Purse♥- This purse is super cute and girly, its a pastel blue colour with gold lettering. I love this purse, but it doesn't have quite enough space to keep make-up in there, maybe only one or 2 products, but it's perfect for a coin purse/wallet.

Bath salts♥- These bath salts come in a good size, as a little goes a long way for the bath salts, and they smell good enough to eat, (honestly). They make your bath smell incredible! Love these

Body fondant♥- Although it's the most expensive priced product, in my opinion it's not the very best. Don't get me wrong it's still really good, it looks great and smells great, and the applicator is so cute, but it doesn't do that much, you can't really see the effect very well, unless it is under good light. But, nevertheless a good product.

Body mist♥- Oh my goodness- This body mist is just amazing, the packaging is just soooooo cute and i love it so much! The body mist smells so good, and i would definitely recommend buying it if you like the scent. I wish it was in a bigger bottle though, i use it up so quickly.. 

I wish i could get all the other products, but i don't have any money right now xD But i'll get them and maybe do an updated review some other time. ♥

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